Brands in the shop

As We Grow

AS WE GROW is an Icelandic design company, which executes “slow fashion”. No mass production is used and only eco-friendly raw materials are chosen in the production of each garment. The pieces are simple yet luxurious and designed to grow with the child.

AS WE GROW use natural, renewable, sustainable materials that emphasize conservation and lead to environmentally sound products. Their alpaca wool is a fiber that does not come at the expense of the environment. Every stage of the production is ethical.

Atelier Solelh

Atelier Solelh is a brand of beautiful decorations for children, handcrafted in France by the talented Stéphanie. Atelier Solelh highlights the beauty of natural materials, creating rattan combined with colorful fabric to create an imaginative universe of animals for the little ones. Atelier Solelh are committed to making environmentally friendly objects, without glue or varnish, which makes it possible to recycle all materials individually. Atelier Solelh only uses quality rattan from Southeast Asia and the linen and cotton are mostly OEKO-TEX.


Auris is a Swedish manufacturer of wooden musical instruments designed by Kjell Andersson. Auris have created beautiful, high functioning instruments to inspire musical curiosity and creation. A lot of thought goes into designing and manufacturing each instrument to make them sound, feel and look perfectly. They work closely with music therapists and educators and belive that stimulation of the sense musically will stimulate creativity, intelligence and learning capability within children and adults. Auris have managed to create wonderful, long lasting instruments to pass on for future generations.



Carlsen are Denmarks biggest publisher of Children’s books. They have a great selection of wonderful stories for both baby and child. The selection of books at are carefully selected to represent a certain warm atmoshphere with an ephasis on values of nature, love, mindfullness and togetherness. Carlsen print a lot of their books on FSC-cerified paper and a perfect to pass in your own family or to others.

Dharma Door

Dharma Door is a company founded by Shanon Sheedy creating woven homeware and accessories. They work with fair trade artisans around the world and a not-for-profit NGO group who genuinely support its artisans. Dharma Door create beautiful, natural storage baskets, each item is made by hand from start to finish. By combining contemporary design, enduring quality and unfailing ethics, they create products that tell a much bigger story than just the item itself. A story woven with every stitch and fibre. Dharma Door seek out the highest grade of fibres available and pair them with artisan skills found in various regions to create original, quality pieces that are a joy to live with and pass on. Always natural. Always handmade. Always fair trade.


Donsje is an irresistibly cute childrenswear brand from Amsterdam. They create clothing and imaginative shoes and accessories for little ones. All their products are handmade & fairtrade with craftmanship and passion for premium quality witch makes it wonderful to wear. Donsje carefully handpick leather and fabrics for their durability and natural touch, only using the finest selection available and the safest materials, all tested to meet strict European requirements. They work with dedicated factories and employ local artisans, who work in a safe and positive atmosphere and are paid fairly under the fairtrade certification.


Elvang is a Danish Company creating sustainable homeware and soft accessories in a nordic and simple design. Sustainability and environment is an important part of the brand values. They spezialize in alpaca wool from Peru – a very unique fibre compared to other natural fibres. It is extremely soft, very durable, allergy-friendly and have isolating qualitys making it perfect for the softest pillows, blankets and teddys. Elvang is Fair Trade certified in the highest levels at World Fair Trade Organization (WFTO).

Guide Craft

Guide Craft is an American brand with a mission to create educational toys in a high quality. With an emphasis on the use of natural materials and loose parts theory, they create open-ended toys that unleash a child’s imagination through free, unstructured play.


Ketiketa is a French brand founded by Alia Harbi and a team of people sharing the same clothing philosophy: less is more and small ethic manufacturing is beautiful. Ketiketa creates timeless and distinctive childrenwear inspired by the blending of cultures, with a strong taste for high quality artisanship and natural materials. Ketiketa’s collections are designed in a studio in the fifth district of Paris and made in small-scale production in Kathmandu. Ketiketa promote traditional techniques, working intimately with artisans and small sewing workshops, as well as socially aware organisations.


LEOLEO is a Danish brand founded by life partners Emil and Josefine. They create accessories, bedlinen and other luxurious and timeless products for little ones. Their design philosophy is to create organic high quality products, products that can withstand life. Their designs come in a calm and warm color palette often with the caracteristic watercolor LEO print. Leo Leo work with people from all over the world who all shares the same respect and love for good craftsmanship and work ethics. All production takes place in GOTS certified factories in India, China and Portugal. The products of LEOLEO are hard to let go, but even so – pass your Leo on to the next.

Little Hedonist

My Little Cozmo

From Barcelona with love. My Little Cozmo is a Spanish brand founded by Nuria and led by women and moms. They create soft, easy-to-wear and very comfortable clothing for children made with a high amount of natural fibres. Convinced that clothing should be made to be durable, they love the concept of handcrafting and less is more. My Little Cozmo believe in children’s wear carefully designed and consciously made locally in Barcelona to guarantee quality control, fair labor, a safe working environment and a reduction of the ecological footprint. At My Little Cozmo they strive to make our kid’s Cozmo a better place and believe that together we can make a change.

Play Me

Play Me is an American brand creating high quality products with the aim to inspire creativity and play. At Bearly we represent the Play Me Pat Bells. A wonderful musical instrument for kids all ages, made in durable wood and metal in bright colors. The high quality makes it perfect for passing on to the next generation.

Play Up

Quelle est Belle

Quelle est Belle makes handmade wooden birdcalls: wonderful educational toys for all nature lovers! They are lovingly made by Monsieur Francois Morel and his Family in a small workshop in Southern France. For many decades they have created more than 60 different bird calls after walking in nature, listening & learning about the birds. They a carfully handcrafted using natural quality materials like wood, box, beech, pine, whenever possible from managed forests.



Sydfyns Trælegetøj

The Little Coach House

The Simple Folk