Atelier Solelh

  • DKK 350,00

    A lovely handmade rabbit mirror for all little ones. The frame is made of rattan and the ears are made from waffle cotton. Guaranteed without glue or varnish and handmade in France. Hang alone or with friends (lions, apple, sunset, flowers)

    Size: 15 cm / 5,9 in

  • DKK 300,00

    Bring a touch of wildness and nature to your interior with this handmade rattan lion trophy, to hang alone or in a band ! Made of rattan and quality cotton, soft and luminous and guaranteed without glue or varnish. Available in three colors: Yellow, red and brown.

    Size:  17 cm

  • DKK 270,00

    This little handmade apple mirror will bring a touch of nature and fun into your children’s space. The details of the apple are made in a cotton gauze, which emphasizes the weaving and softness of the rattan. Guaranteed without any varnish or glue.  You can mix and match with the other small wall trophy’s and create a wall full of imagination and fun.

    Size: 10 cm / 3.93 in

  • DKK 170,00

    Create a warm glow in any space with this handmade sunflower decoration. Made of rattan and cotton gauze, guaranteed without glue or varnish. Hang alone or with friends (lions, apple, sunset, rabbit). INFO: the price is for one sunflower

    Size: 11 cm

  • DKK 260,00

    Get a warm and fuzzy feeling with this lovely, handmade sunset. Made of rattan and fabric, enhanced with golden details and guaranteed without glue or varnish.
    This product is handcrafted in the south of France, each product is unique, which is why there may be some slight variations from the dimensions given below. This sunset can hang on the wall or be placed on a shelf or a piece of furniture. Can easily be placed on the wall with a small nail or sticky tape.

    height : 16 cm, width : 29 cm, thickness : 1,2 cm