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  • kr. 175,00
    With this wooden xylophone you can create harmonious melodies by simply moving your hand in circular movements with the mallet. This movement stimulates hand-ear coordination in a natural way and makes a wonderful sound. We especially love using ours for telling stories and creating background music to fit the fairytale. Has a grip in the bottom to make it easy to hold for the littlest hands. Comes in three variations with different sounds (from left to right): WAVE, CLASSIC and MELODY
  • kr. 650,00

    Twelve tone diatonic glockenspiel c’’’- d’’’- e’’’ – f’’’- g’’’- a’’’- h’’’-c’’’’- d’’’’- e’’’’ A semi advanced glockenspiel. Enables you to play music containing all whole-notes. For use at home, in school and much more. Comes with a rubber, a wooden and a hard plastic mallet. The hard mallet gives an extreme strong sound which makes it possible to use this glockenspiel together with regular instruments in an orchestra. The hard mallet shall not be used by small children.

  • kr. 1.500,00

    Play real music on this great marimba from Auris. A marimba is a xylophone, one octave deeper with a full, warm and smooth but yet percussive tone.