So Kind

  • DKK 315,00

    A botanical repairing balm bringing intense moisture to revitalize dry, sore, and cracked nipples. Formulated with fatty acid-rich oils and natural antioxidants to deliver immediate focused repair. In our home we also love it for scratched legs, bruises & bumps and dry lips. Works like a miracle creme for everything. It’s a hit! No nasties!

  • DKK 175,00

    A calming, non-greasy bath oil to soothe and protect baby’s delicate skin. Organic and natural oils from oat and nordic cotton restore the skin barrier and keep eczema at bay, leaving the skin supple and dreamy soft. We love that it absorbs so quickly and we often use it in the evening after a warm bath as massage oil for our little ones. It’s a hit! No nasties!

  • DKK 195,00

    A soft foaming shampoo and body wash providing skin-essential moisture while mildly cleansing from top to toe. Enriched with natural oils from oat and nordic cotton to balance and prevent skin from drying out. We use it for bubble baths in our home and my kids love it! No nasties!

  • DKK 195,00

    An extra-moisturising nappy balm free from harmful ingredients, making every diaper change nurturing and kind for baby’s sensitive skin. Nourishing and hydrating properties from natural oils soothe dry and damaged skin. Without any nasties. A favorite product in our home! Also good for sore spots, irritated skin and itchy bites.

  • DKK 200,00

    An intensely nourishing body lotion to keep your baby’s skin soft and hydrated throughout the day. Meticulously blended with mild plant-derived ingredients, the lotion restores skin’s suppleness and helps protect the natural barrier. Soothes irritated, sensitive, and red skin Moisturizing and safe for delicate baby skin. Enjoy!

  • DKK 380,00

    Silky Essential is a nourishing body lotion packed with potent antioxidants, vitamin E, and active botanical extracts to protect skin from free radical damage. The easily absorbed lotion delivers lasting hydration. A powerful formulation, safe to use for pregnant and breastfeeding women. It makes the skin texture soft, gives long lasting hydration and maintains a healthy skin barrier. It’s vegan & cruelty free, without phthalates, fragrance or alcohol. We absolutely love this!

  • DKK 470,00

    Love Lines is a rich, easily absorbed balm formulated with a powerful blend of botanical antioxidants and fatty acid-rich oils to help prevent and reduce the appearance of stretch marks during and after pregnancy. Natural active ingredients work to stimulate the production of collagen and encourage skin restoration. Reduces the appearance of stretch marks, restores skin elasticity and visibly improves skin texture. It’s vegan & cruelty free, without Phthalates, fragrance or alcohol. We absolutely love this!