We like quality

We handpick products made from premium materials like wood, cotton and wool without any harmful chemicals and with as many certifications as possible. The clothing we carry is with a high number of natural fibres to let the skin breathe and the comfortable design makes it great to play in. Everything is made to last for many generations to come.

The products we choose are designed with thought & care by our dedicated vendors, often handcrafted from small collections. Our vendors are committed to reduce environmental impact through approaches like using recycled materials, certifications like GOTS, GRS, Fairtrade and OEKO-TEX, rethinking how to use waste from production, producing off-season and produced to order.

We love the planet

Our products come from low-volume-craftsmen all over the world with wonderful ideas, creative minds and aspirations of a more sustainable way of living. We want to represent slow fashion in a capsule manner, simple, classic and mostly unisex. The warm colour palette of outfits can be mixed and matched throughout seasons making it possible to own less and enjoy more.

Our packaging and merchandise have no plastics and we strive to use only recycled, FSC, GOTS or OEKO-TEX certificated materials. We are constantly searching for new solutions in order to offer our customers a more sustainable way of shopping. You can help by giving the things you no longer need in your home to someone you care about. Use our “pre-owned & loved” bags to make thoughtful and reusable gift-wrapping.

We care for fairness

We want to put people first by supporting sustainable and fair work conditions amongst local artisans all over the world and that is why we are so proud to be working with the brands we represent. Whether it is producing off-season, paying fair prices, collaborating with not-for-profit NGO’s or educating men and women about fair work conditions, it all makes a difference. Thank you!