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  • kr. 775,00

    A lovely knit top with peplum and button closure on the shoulder. Made from a soft blend of baby alpaca and breathable Tangüis cotton (15% Baby Alpaca Wool and 85% Tangüis cotton) that rapidly absorbs and releases perspiration. Can be worn as a little dress if you size up. Designed in Iceland, made in Peru

  • kr. 500,00

    Great pillows to decorate any cozy corner with warmth and softness. Woven pillows made of recycled Alpaca (50%), sheep wool (40%) and microfibres (10%) from Peru. The Alpaca fur is more soft and durable than other natural fibres and it hasn’t any loose fibres. The pillow is made of 100 % recycled materials and is Fair Trade.

    Size: 30 x 50 cm

  • kr. 500,00

    The Alpaca teddy is a perfect gift for any occasion. It is soft, cute and huggable and comes in three colours: white, brown and beige. The teddy is made from polyester filling and 100% genuine baby alpaca fur – only made out of fur from Alpacas that have died of natural causes. The real fur gives each teddy a unique and personal look and not two are the same. The teddy is allergy friendly as the fur does not contain lanolin. It is fairtrade and produced locally in Peru where the Alpacas live. We really hope this furry little friend will bring you joy!