Bird Call, Duck, Quelle Est Belle, Handmade

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Great Tit Bird Call that will make you sound like the duck. These unique, quality hand crafted bird-calls allow one to learn to recognize birds by their song, to communicate with them, discover and observe them. These bird calls have been made in France for more than a quarter of a century. They are a labour of love and the detail and accuracy of the sound produced is amazing. They are made of choice materials following craftsmens methods, and there are several calls in the range so you can imitate many different species of birds. The bird call come packed in a wooden box with sliding lid with a drawing of the bird and instruction.

Birds are the only real European because they speak the same language in all the countries of the Community and even somewhere else.

Quelle est Belle Company Duck, bird voice, boxwood and metal, suitable for children from 3 years.
Made in: France
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