Llama Sensory Weight Blanket, Kokos, Oliz

kr. 950,00kr. 1.395,00

Meet the Llama, Kokos, our favourite heavy cuddle buddy after a long day. Kokos is a sensory-motor weight blanket designed to help a overstimulated mind or body to relax. Kokos is made in a very soft material with weight in the neck and body that provides stimuli and helps the body to relax. Children are usually good at finding methods to use Kokos themselves, but add it if necessary on the child’s abdomen and let the neck go up over the shoulder. The child thereby hugs Kokos around the neck and can cuddle the soft fur. Kokos can be washed by removing all the contents of the body. However, be aware that weight can have an effect in children, and we recommend that Kokos is used for children who are strong enough to remove it themselves. Kokos comes in a large and small version. Small Kokos weighs 2.2 kg. Big Kokos weighs 3.7 kg. The recommended size depends on the individual need, but in our home August 3 years old uses small Kokos and Ella 6 years old and mom uses Big Kokos. Pictures reflect small and big kokos. In doubt please dont hesitate to write us for recommendations at hello@bearly.dk

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Small Kokos (2,2 kilos), Big Kokos (3,7 kilos)