Organic Lift and Playmat, Cream Solid Stripe, Copenhagen Colors

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This soft, transportable lift and playmat is created as a safe and comfortable place for your new baby. The lift fits easily into all prams and has an increase at the bottom of the lift making it steady on the floor. The lift is created to fit all prams, and the straps are making it easy to bring your sleeping baby with you. We love the fact that the lift can be transformed into a playmat by opening the sides – prolonging your baby’s use of the lift. The shell of the lift is water resistant, and the fabric inside the lift is made of an organic super soft striped poplin quality. The lift is also washable, so in case of stains you only need to remove the bottom board before washing.

Pstt. remember you can buy a hood for this lift seperately! The product is OCS Certified.Tested according to international testing standard.

DIMENSION: Length: 77cm, Width: 32cm, Height:18cm.

ATTENTION: Keep away from fire. Please remove mattress, bottom board and side fillings before washing and wash cover only. Do not wash mattress and board.

WARNING. Never leave the baby without supervision.


DIMENSION: 800*360*190MM

CLEANING: Machine wash by 30 degrees • Do not tumble dry • Do not bleach • Do not dry clean • Wash with similar colors • Remove board before wash

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