Wooden birdcall, nightingale, handmade & natural

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Get ready to communicate with the nightingale. 

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Did you know the nightingale sings to arouse the sun?

These handmade bird calls from Quelle est Belle are wonderful educational toys for all nature lovers!

They are lovingly made by Monsieur Francois Morel and his Family in a small workshop in Southern France. For many decades they have created more than 60 different bird calls after walking in nature, listening & learning about the birds.

They a carfully handcrafted using natural quality materials like wood, box, beech, pine, whenever possible from managed forests. 

The nightingale bird call is made from polished boxwood & metal and comes in a small box with english instructions on how to “speak nigtingale”. It also comes with a wonderful introduction to wild birdlife and how we can protect and learn more about the surronding nature.

For further instructions you can visit qbc.fr and watch the videos with the expert himself, Monsieur Francois Morel, teaching you exactly how to use the different bird calls. Like musical instruments it can take a little practise to get it right. Have fun!

Suitable from 6 years.